Seminar “A European New Legal Realism”

by admin on November 11, 2016

On Wednesday 14th December 2016, the seminar “A European New Legal Realism” is held at the Erasmus Law School.  The seminar is organized by Professor Jan Klabbers (Helsinki) and LL.D. Elisabeth Eneroth (Lund).

The purpose of the seminar is to present and discuss three contributions to the special issue in Retfærd. Nordic Journal on Law and Justice, Vol. 39, Nr. 4, 2016 on European New Legal Realism (ENLR). The seminar begins with a presentation of the premises for a ENLR as elaborated by Associate Professor Jakob v. H. Holtermann and Professor Mikael Rask Madsen (both iCourts, Copenhagen) in their article “What is Empirical in Empirical Studies of Law? A European New Legal Realist Conception”.

The presentation is followed by comments by Professor Henrik Palmer Olsen (iCourts, Copenhagen) and Professor Stuart Toddington (Huddersfield) as presented in their article “Legal Realism: In Search of a Science of Law”. These comments are followed by a presentation by Elisabeth Eneroth (Lund) of an alternate theoretical and methodological route to the premises of a ENLR as presented in her article ”Critical Substantive Validity Testing of Legal Norms”. The three presentations are followed by comments by Professor Jan Klabbers, visiting professor at Erasmus Law School (Helsinki). The seminar ends with a debate among the participants on the possibilities and/or limitations of a ENLR as presented by Holtermann and Madsen as well as interjections on the comments and alternative route presented by Olsen, Toddington and Eneroth.

Date and location
The seminar take plas on 14th December from 13.00 till 15.00, in Polak 3-22, the Erasmus Law School in Rotterdam. Participation is free, but interested scholars are asked to register via


13:00–14:00 A European New Legal Realism

  • Jakob v. H. Holtermann and Mikael Rask Madsen
  • Henrik Palmer Olsen and Stuart Toddington
  • Elisabeth Eneroth


  • Jan Klabbers

14:00–14:15    Response to the Critics

14:15–15:00   Panel Debate and Questions from the Audience


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